Just who is this Vince Werner guy anyway?

A guy who’s been making stuff with sound and pictures since before the turn of the century, THAT’S who.   At least that’s the short version. It started out with 10 years of audio recording and mixing at Steve Lawson Productions/Bad Animals, leading to another 23 years as co-founder and Minister of Culture at Clatter&Din.  He’s worked with big-deal, super-important international clients and some equally important super-awesome small ones too!  And now he has set his own course, acquired some of his own gear, and even managed to build his own website.  The goal?  To get people to pay him for having arguably too much fun.  As it has always been.

  • I could write a side-splitting, irreverent testimonial about Vince Werner, commenting on the alluring shape of the back of his neck — something I’ve been staring at from the client seats for the past 20-plus years. Or I could play it straight and say that every project I’ve done with Vince — and I mean every — has turned out better than I expected. He brings a great eye, a calm demeanor, and an intelligence to the work that has made me enormously proud of our collaborations. Yeah, that’s it. I think I’ll go the straight route.

    Larry Asher – Worker Bees