My Toolbox

The Right Stuff

I’ve equipped myself to be a one-man-band – hauling everything I need to get the shot, be it a talking head interview or some pretty B-Roll. I’m currently shooting with a Lumix GH5 at up to 10bit 4K 60fps. And I pack couple nice lenses, a modest lighting kit, a compact jib, decent audio, etc. Plus I am genuinely interested in people and their stories, and can bring them out as an interviewer. That all being said, I also play well with others! I can be your B-cam or second unit shooter, or I can bring in grips, location mixers and the like for more complex jobs. HOWEVER, getting the shot is just the beginning; If you need a solid edit, I work with the Adobe Suite and Black Magic DaVinci to take your project all the way to delivery, if that’s where your needs lay.  Besides my obvious talent, I’m very fun to work with and am extremely humble. Let’s do this!